To strengthen the scientific communications and promote cooperation among NPOCE SSC members and early-career scientists under the pandemic of COVID, a webinar series on western Pacific Ocean (WPO) circulation and climate change will be organized this year. The webinars aim to inspire the next frontier of research on the five themes of NPOCE scientific foci, improve the understanding of ocean circulation and climate change in the past, present, and future, and forge a wide and close connection among communities. 

Webinar Theme Convener Time/Date
1st NPOCE webinar Dynamics and variability of the Pacific Western Boundary Currents Bo Qiu 08:00-09:30AM, March 22, 2022 link
2nd NPOCE webinar Interaction between the WPO and the Indian Ocean through the ITF Janet Sprintall 08:00-09:30AM, May 31, 2022 link
3rd NPOCE webinar Roles of western Pacific Ocean circulation variability in warm pool William Kessler 08:00-09:30AM, August 30, 2022 link
4th NPOCE webinar Influences of western Pacific Ocean on regional/global climate Fan Wang 09:00-10:35AM, September 30, 2022 link
5th NPOCE webinar Western Pacific Ocean's role in the variability of biogeochemical processes Fei Chai 09:00-10:45AM, October 19, 2022 link
6th NPOCE webinar Challenges and Opportunities: small-scale oceanic processes and artificial intelligence Fan Wang 09:00-11:00AM, March 8, 2023 link
7th NPOCE webinar ENSO Evolution and Prediction Rong-Hua Zhang 08:30 - 10:00AM, June 13 link
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