2nd NPOCE webinar on
Interaction between the WPO and the Indian Ocean through the ITF
08:00-09:30AM, May 31, 2022, GMT+8.
3 Presentations: 25min Talk + 5min Q&A/each
Convener: Janet Sprintall (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Shijian Hu (Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Decadal variability and long-term trend of Indonesian Throughflow in warming climate
Shijian Hu received his Ph.D. in physical oceanography in 2013 from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was a visiting scholar of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and CSIRO. He has been working at IOCAS since 2013 and currently is a professor of IOCAS in physical oceanography. Dr. Hu's research centers on ocean circulation and climate with a focus on the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean. His work is dedicated to discovering how the large scale ocean circulation changes under climate warming and how the ocean dynamical processes influence climate. His research has led to the discovery of acceleration of global mean ocean circulation in a warming climate, the discovery of subsurface marine heatwaves in the western Pacific Ocean, and a better understanding of Indo-Pacific ocean circulation.
Taira Nagai (Fisheries Research and Education Agency, Japan)
Turbulent mixing in the Indonesian Seas - Modeling and observation
Taira Nagai is a researcher at FRA (Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency). He is a physical oceanographer, expert in internal tides and tidal mixing especially in marginal seas. He obtained his PhD in 2013 on "Evaluation of turbulent mixing associated with tidally induced eddies in the Bungo Channel and its impact on sporadic Kuroshio-water intrusion (kyucho)" at The University of Tokyo. His current research interests are on turbulent mixing in the Indonesian Seas and its impact on large-scale oceanic/atmospheric circulation.
Huijie Xue (Xiamen University)
Interannual variability of the circulation in the Indonesian Seas: impacts of the oceanic waves from the Pacific
Dr. Huijie Xue is a Nanqiang Distinguished Professor in State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science and College of Ocean and Earth Sciences of Xiamen University, and she is also a Professor Emerita of the University of Maine. Dr. Xue received a B.A. in Physical Oceanography from the Ocean University of China in 1984, and her Ph.D. in Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences from Princeton University in 1991. Dr. Xue is a physical oceanographer with expertise in ocean modeling. One highlight of Dr. Xue’s latest research is, together with her students, to develop a circulation model for the tropical Indian and western Pacific oceans, which leads to novel findings about the circulation and throughflows of the Indonesian seas.

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