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Mar 10,2021
Argo Data 1999–2019: Two Million Temperature-Salinity Profiles and Subsurface Velocity Observations from a Global Array of Profiling Floats
Annie P. S. Wong, Susan E. Wijffels, Stephen C. Riser, Sylvie Pouliquen, Shigeki Hosoda, Dean Roemmich, et al.SYSTEMATIC REVIEW ARTICLE published in Frontiers in Marine Science, SEP 2020In the past two decades, the Argo ...
Mar 09,2021
Role of the eastern subtropical North Pacific Ocean on the El Nino's transition processes
Sang-Wook Yeh, Hyun-Su Jo, Seung-Hwon Hyun, Wenju Cai & Yoo-Geun Ham Published in CLIMATE DYNAMICS, FEB 2021We examine the transition processes of El Nino occurring in 1 year after using observations, a multi-century...
Mar 02,2021
The sea level variability and its projections over the Indo-Pacific Ocean in CMIP5 models
Deepa, JS (Deepa, J. S.), Gnanaseelan, C (Gnanaseelan, C.), Parekh, A (Parekh, Anant) Published in CLIMATE DYNAMICS, FEB 2021The present study examines the representation of interannual and decadal variability of sea lev...
Mar 02,2021
Interdecadal modulation of interannual ENSO-Indian summer monsoon rainfall teleconnections in observations and CMIP6 models: Regional patterns
Nimmakanti Mahendra, Jasti Sriranga Chowdary, Patekar Darshana, Pilli Sunitha, Anant Parekh, Chellappan GnanaseelanPublished in International Jounal of Climatology, JAN 2021This study examined the Inter‐decadal modulatio...
Jan 29,2021
Meridional oscillation of tropical cyclone activity in the western North Pacific during the past 110 years
Kin Sik Liu, Johnny C. L. Chan & Hisayuki KubotaPublished in Climate Change,JAN 2021A prominent meridional oscillation of tropical cyclone (TC) activity in the western North Pacific (WNP) during the past 110 years is...
Oct 24,2020
Baroclinic Characteristics and Energetics of Annual Rossby Waves in the Southern Tropical Indian Ocean
Ke Huang, Dongxiao Wang, Ming Feng, Weiqing Han, Gengxin Chen, Chaojiao Sun, Xiaolin Zhang, Qiang Xie, Weiqiang Wang, Qinyan Liu, and Jinglong YaoPublished in Journal of Physical Oceanography, SEP 2020The first baroclini...
Sep 14,2020
Butterfly effect and a self-modulating El Niño response to global warming
Wenju Cai, Benjamin Ng, Tao Geng, Lixin Wu, Agus Santoso & Michael J. McPhadenPublished in Nature SEP 2020El Niño and La Niña, collectively referred to as the El Niño–Southe...
Jul 23,2020
Two Types of ENSO Varying in Tandem Facilitated by Nonlinear Atmospheric Convection
Tao Geng Wenju Cai Lixin WuPublished in Geophysical Research Letter July 2020The El Niño‐Southern Oscillation (ENSO) has two distinct regimes, one in the eastern Pacific (EP) featuring strong El Ni&ntild...
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