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Notice of ADCP and CTD data opening

ADCP and CTD data were acquired by R/V Science I, supported by the Major Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant 40890150) and the National Key Basic Research Program of China (grants 2007CB411802), under the NPOCE program.

The moorings are located at 8°N,127.3°E off Minanao Island from 2010/12/01 to 2012/12/09, and 18.0°N,122.7°E to the east of Luzon Island from 2010/11/20 to 2012/10/30.

The Acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP)data were interpolated into standard level in vertical with 10 m interval. Four CTDs are located at 400m, 550m, 700m and 850m at the (8°N,127.3°E) mooring. Both ADCP and CTD are averaged as daily data.

File Name:
ADCP data at (18°N,122.7°E) ------- 
ADCP data at (8°N,127.3°E) ------- 
CTD data at (8°N,127.3°E), 400m
CTD data at (8°N,127.3°E), 550m
CTD data at (8°N,127.3°E), 700m
CTD data at (8°N,127.3°E), 850m

zonal velocity (uvel), meridonal velocity (vvel), vertical velocity (wvel) (cm/s)
depth (m)
time (serial date number)
salinity (psu)
potential temperature (degree centigrade)

The copyright of the mooring data at (8N,127.3E) belongs to Dunxin Hu/IOCAS, and that at (18N,122.7E) belongs to Dunxin Hu/IOCAS and Lixin Wu/OUC.

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