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1. 2010-2012 data:

ADCP data at (18°N,122.7°E) -------
ADCP data at (8°N,127.3°E) -------
CTD data at (8°N,127.3°E), 400m
CTD data at (8°N,127.3°E), 550m
CTD data at (8°N,127.3°E), 700m
CTD data at (8°N,127.3°E), 850m

ADCP and CTD data were acquired by R/V Science I, supported by the Major Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant 40890150) and the National Key Basic Research Program of China (grants 2007CB411802), under the NPOCE program.

The moorings are located at 8°N,127.3°E off Minanao Island from 2010/12/01 to 2012/12/09, and 18.0°N,122.7°E to the east of Luzon Island from 2010/11/20 to 2012/10/30.

The Acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP)data were interpolated into standard level in vertical with 10 m interval. Four CTDs are located at 400m, 550m, 700m and 850m at the (8°N,127.3°E) mooring. Both ADCP and CTD are averaged as daily data.

The copyright of the mooring data at (8N,127.3E) belongs to Dunxin Hu/IOCAS, and that at (18N,122.7E) belongs to Dunxin Hu/IOCAS and Lixin Wu/OUC.

zonal velocity (uvel), meridonal velocity (vvel), vertical velocity (wvel) (cm/s)
depth (m)
time (serial date number)
salinity (psu)
potential temperature (degree centigrade)

2. 2015-2019 data:

ADCP mooring data (1.7˚S, 141.4˚E) ------ADCP_1.7S141.4E.mat
ADCP mooring data (1˚S, 141.7˚E ) ------ADCP_1S141.7E.mat

ADCP data at (8.5ºN, 130ºE)------ADCP_8.5N130E.mat
ADCP data at (12.5ºN, 130ºE)------ADCP_12.5N130E.mat

The Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data were collected on board of R/V KeXue implementing open research cruises NORC2019-09 and NORC2021-09 supported by NSFC Shiptime Sharing Projects (41849909 and 42049909) and the Major Project of Science and Technology Innovation of Shan Dong (2018SDKJ0105), under the NPOCE program.

The moorings off the Papua New Guinea Coast are located at 1.7˚S, 141.7˚E from November 2015 to October 2019 and 1˚S, 141.7˚E from Nov. 2015 to Oct. 2018. Each subsurface mooring is equipped with one upward-looking and one downward-looking 75 kHz Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) ADCP, mounted on the main float at a nominal depth of ~400 m. The two ADCPs provide velocity profiles over the depth range of 40-800 m with a vertical bin of 8 m and a frequency of 35 pings per hour. Due to the instrument failure, the velocity data the data above 400 m from July 2016 to March 2017 and the data below 400 m from January to October 2019 are unavailable.

The moorings are located at 8.5ºN, 130ºE from 9/26/2015 to 10/24/2019 and 12.5ºN, 130ºE from 12/26/2016 to 12/1/2018. One upward-looking and one downward-looking ADCPs were mounted on the main float at 450 m for each mooring, which collected velocity data in the upper 900 m, respectively. The original hourly data are daily averaged to remove the tidal influence and then interpolated onto the standard pressure levels from 50 to 900 m with the vertical interval of 10 m. Due to technical problems, the velocity data at 8.5°N, 130°E from 9/21/2018 to 6/12/2018 are unavailable.

The copyright of the ADCP data belongs to DunxinHu/IOCAS and FanWang/IOCAS.

Along-shore velocity (u), off-shore velocity (v) (cm/s) and zonal velocity (u) and meridional velocity (v) (cm/s)
Depth (m).

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