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News about NPOCE
Jul 24
Training Course on Subsurface Mooring Observation Successfully Concluded on July 22 in Qingdao
The one-week International Training Course on Subsurface Mooring Observation hosted by the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) is successfully concluded on July 22 in Qingdao, China. Fan Wang, Director of IOCAS, delivers closing remark and issues certificates to trainees. Th ...
Science Highlights
Dec 07
Tropical Cyclones Related Wind Power on Oceanic Near-Inertial Oscillations
Sheng Lin, Yuntao Wang, Wen-Zhou Zhang, Qin-Biao Ni, Fei ChaiPublished in Geophysical Research Letters, November 2023Wind power input to oceanic near-inertial oscillations (NIOs) plays a crucial role in sustaining the global ocean conveyor belt. However, the impact of tropical cyclones (TCs) on wind ...
News about NWP
NPOCE (the Northwestern Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment) program is a multi-national, multi-institutional program, designed to observe, simulate, and understand the dynamics of the NWP (Northwestern Pacific) ocean circulation and its role in low-frequency modulations of regional . . .
Data & resources
ADCP and CTD data were acquired by R/V Science I, supported by the Major Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant 40890150) and the National Key Basic Research Program of China (grants 2007CB411802), under the NPOCE program.
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