1st NPOCE webinar on
Dynamics and variability of the Pacific Western Boundary Currents
08:00-09:30AM, March 22, 2022, GMT+8.
3 Presentations: 25min Talk + 5min Q&A/each
Convener: Bo QIU (University of Hawaii)
Sophie Cravatte (IRD)
TOPIC: Chaotic variability of the WBCs in the southern Pacific at interannual timescales
Sophie Cravatte is a researcher at IRD (French National Research Institute for Sustained Development) currently in LEGOS (Toulouse). She is a physical oceanographer, expert in ocean equatorial dynamics and climate variability in the Tropical Pacific. She obtained her PhD in 2003 on "El Nino and intraseasonal waves forced by winds in the western part of the basin", at Toulouse III University, and her "Habilitation à Diriger des recherches" on "Observing the oceanic variability in the Tropical Pacific" in 2020. Her current research interests are on oceanic circulation variability in the Tropical Pacific, on low-latitude western boundary currents, and on the equatorial current system dynamics.
Jae-Hak Lee (KIOST)
TOPIC: Long-term measurements of Mindanao Undercurrent
Jae Hak Lee is an observational physical oceanographer at Korea Institute Ocean Science and Technology. His research interest spans from micro-structure measurements to observation of regional currents. As a sea-going oceanographer he has experienced with research cruises in many places such as the Yellow and East China Seas, the equatorial Pacific Ocean, and in the Southern Ocean including Drake Passage, the Amundsen Sea and Indian Ocean sector. He completed a BS and an MS in oceanography at Seoul National University and a PhD in physical oceanography from Yale University.
Akira Nagano (JAMSTEC)
TOPIC: Kuroshio variability in the western North Pacific
Akira Nagano, Physical oceanographer, has dedicated to the Kuroshio study from the Origin region to the Extension region for many years since his time at the University of Tokyo, Japan, and published more than 20 papers on the Kuroshio and related topics. After he joined the tropical climate research group in JAMSTEC, he started planning of the Philippine buoy project by using the m-TRITON buoy system and then the observation of the Philippine buoy at 13N137E site since December 2016. He also showed his interest in planning the 2nd Cooperative Study of Kuroshio and its Adjacent region (CSK-2) of IOC/WESTPAC, and has contributed to writing the review report on the past Kuroshio study and also to writing the Science Action Plan 2021 of CSK-2.

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