Dongliang Yuan (2012-2025)

Affiliation: Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Dr. Dongliang Yuan is specialized in the study of the dynamics of the ocean circulation and climate. He was the first to identify the nonlinear nature of the western boundaryreflection of the equatorial Rossby waves and has uncovered the “oceanic channel” dynamics of the IOD-ENSO precursory relation for ENSO predictability at the one-year lead. He disclosed the Non-Sverdrup gyre circulation over the tropical world oceans and spearheaded inthe study of the nonlinear behavior of the western boundary currents at the gappy western boundaries of the Pacific Ocean. The North Equatorial Subsurface Current and the Luzon Warm Eddy were discovered and named by him. Before returning to China, he obtained his Ph. D. degree from the Florida State University andhas been working in NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as a senior scientist foryears. He has served as members of the AGU-CIP, CLIVAR-PP, ITF-TT, TPOS-WP and as the deputy president of the NPOCE-SSC. The NPOCE western Pacific and ITF mooring arrays, which are the largest in the areas in history, was constructed under his eadership and supervision. In his career, he has published over 50 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, edited 4 special issues forinternational journals, and co-authored a book. Dr. Yuan was the awardee of the National Outstanding Youth Grant of the NSFC, the Chief scientist of the MOST 973 project, and the leading PI of the prestigious Innovative Group Project of the NSFC.

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