5th NPOCE webinar
October 11,2022

5th NPOCE webinar on

Western Pacific Ocean's role in the variability of biogeochemical processes

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Time: 9:00-10:45AM, October 19 GMT+8.

Convener: Fei Chai (Xiamen University)

Reports: 4 presentations: 20min Talk + 5min Q&A/each


  • 09:00 – 09:05 Opening – Fei Chai
  • 09:05 – 09:30

How do fish navigate in the ocean? What do we know about fish migration?

Shin-ichi ItoThe University of Tokyo)

  • 09:30 – 09:55

Sea-air CO2 fluxes and carbon export and remineralization in the subtropical Northwestern Pacific

Zhimian Cao (Xiamen University)

  • 09:55 – 10:20

Phytoplankton responses to synoptic-scale events observed by BGC-Argo in the Northwest Pacific Ocean

Xiaogang Xing (Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources)

  • 10:20 – 10:45

Modeling the impact of iron on biological processes and carbon cycling in the Pacific Ocean

Peng Xiu (South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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