2nd NPOCE Webinar Held in May
June 01,2022

After the success of the first NPOCE webinar held in March this year, the second webinar themed on interaction between the western Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean through the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) took place on May 31, 2022, Beijing time. Janet Sprintall, the vice-chair of the NPOCE Scientific Steering Committee from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, organized this webinar under the assistance of the NPOCE office. The 2nd webinar gathered a broad audience of over 90 attendees from China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, United States, etc. for exploring the roles and characteristics of ITF and inter-ocean interactions.

Three invited talks were presented in this webinar. The first talk was given by Dr. Shijian Hu from institute of Oceanology Chinese Academy of Sciences. He shared his recent study on decadal variability and the long-term trend of ITF in a warming climate. The second report entitled “Turbulent mixing in the Indonesian Seas - Modeling and observation” was presented by Dr. Taira Nagai from Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency with his expertise in internal tides and tidal mixing, especially in marginal seas. Dr. Huijie Xue, who has been dedicated to her research in oceanography, climatology, and ocean modeling for over 30 years, offered her perspective on the interannual variability of the circulation in the Indonesian Seas: impacts of the oceanic waves from the Pacific.

The two successful webinars significantly strengthen scientific communications and promote cooperation among NPOCE members and other early-career scientists during the pandemic of COVID, which is also the goal of the NPOCE webinar series. The 3rd NPOCE Webinar will be held in mid-July as scheduled every two months through this year. The upcoming webinar will focus on the roles of western Pacific Ocean circulation variability in the warm pool. William Kessler from NOAA / Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory will serve as the convener. We welcome both students and researchers to share your recent study on the Western Pacific Ocean circulation and climate, biology, and geochemistry. Should you have any questions, please contact the NPOCE office at

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