Dunxin Hu (2010-2021)

Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS),China.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor, Ph. D supervisor of IOCAS, honorary president of Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology, chairman of Joint Center for Ocean Circulation and Climate/Environment Studies and chief editor for “Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology”. He served as deputy director and chairman of academic committee of IOCAS and on more than ten international scientific committees such as IGBP.

Research fields include ocean circulation and climate, global change, and so forth with initiative research: first grantee of NSFC Key and Major Projects on deep ocean circulation study, first project in the world on ocean flux study on continental shelf with NSFC Key Project. Discovered and named Mindanao Undercurrent (MUC) in the Pacific Ocean, revealed the first eddy in China seas “the Cold Eddy in the East China Sea” opening up mesoscale eddy study in China, proposed non-wind-driven theory on coastal upwelling off Zhejiang revising the traditional upwelling theory, and promulgated and dynamically described role of upwelling in fine grain sedimentation on continental shelf. Participated in design, draft, and implementation of a number of international frontier research programs such as TOGA, TOGA-COARE, WOCE, and JGOFS and introduced them to China, making significant contribution to oceanography. Published more than 200 scientific papers and 6 books. Initiated and leading an international program NPOCE (Northwestern Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment). Awarded prizes and medal for excellence of scientific performance.

In 2015, Dunxin Hu and his team were invited to publish a review article in the journal Nature, which synthesizes recent progress and understanding of the western Pacific Ocean circulations and climate, and identifies future challenges and remaining scientific issues.

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